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Kristin Beard

Meet Kristin Beard

With a background in wellness and skin care, Kristin understands the importance of a balanced lifestyle to become the best version of yourself!

Great skin takes effort, dedication, and knowledge. Your skin is the reflection of your overall balance in life, especially your pH balance. The slightest change in your “day-to-day” can even throw off your pH balance leading to many common skin issues. Our goal is to assist you in finding that balanced lifestyle to reflect your BEST, BEAUTIFUL YOU. You deserve it!

We are here to listen to your concerns and to give you realistic results. Each skin care program is designed specifically for your skin. However, you must do your part at home. It is very much like hiring a fitness trainer. They can only get you so far, it is up to you to make a lifestyle change to create a healthy balance. Let us work together to create this balance. Schedule your appointment with me, today!

Kristin Beard

Beth Hailed, LE

Meet Beth Haile, LE

Beth has been an estie for over 5 years. She specializes in lash lifts and brow laminating. She also offers a variety of facial treatments including dermaplaning and also lots of face and body waxing!

Beth is a mother of two girls and one big fur baby. In her free time she enjoys jet skiing and kayaking . We love her for her heart of gold, her free spirit and her ability to make anyone feel welcome and loved when they walk through the door!!

Beth Haile, LE

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