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Brazilian Wax for Men: Everything You Need to Know

Brazilian Wax for Men

Male waxing is slowly becoming popular in modeling and body-building communities nowadays. Now men can enjoy the advantages of long-lasting unwanted body hair removal method even in their private parts.

Here are some Brazilian waxing tips that will help attain the best results as discussed below:

  • Before waxing. Take a shower before you go for a professional waxing session.
  • Be dry. We love cleanliness but please do not apply lotions because you will not obtain better waxing results when your skin is oily.
  • Be hairy. Ensure that your hair is long enough for better results. Do not shave your hair two weeks before the appointment.
  • Be comfortable. Wear loose boxers to prevent irritation after waxing.
  • Be relaxed. Experts say that men who relax their muscles during waxing are likely to get the best results.

But you also need to enlist the services of a qualified aesthetician to achieve best results.

Benefits of Brazilian Wax

Do you want to achieve smooth skin and a hair-free body?
Are you searching for the best method of removing unwanted body hair?

If yes, then this article will give you a long-lasting hair removal solution that suits your needs.
Recent studies have shown that people use several ways to get rid of unwanted hair in their bodies including plucking, shaving, depilatory creams, laser, and electrolysis.

But which hair removal technique lasts for longest?

Brazilian wax is a special type of wax (cold or hot) which adheres to unwanted body hairs and later pulls them out when it is removed.

If you have been shaving or using depilatory creams to remove body hairs, then you need to try Brazilian wax and see how long it will last. Your technician will apply hot Brazilian wax to the region where you want the hair to be removed, attach a strip to the wax and later pull it off.

But how long does Brazilian wax last? After your first Brazilian waxing session, the results can last from three to six weeks depending on the re-growth rate of your hair. However, your waxing session will take a maximum of 45 minutes depending on your hair density.

Whether you want to achieve a bare-all body or you prefer a hair-free lower body, Brazilian waxing is the most effective non-permanent hair removal method available today. A Brazilian wax provides long-lasting, smooth hair removal results.

benefits of mens waxing

Here are some benefits of Brazilian waxing that you need to know:

Brazilian Wax Improves your Skin Health
Not only does Brazilian wax removes unwanted body hair, but also exfoliates your skin meaning that you will be getting skincare and hair removal at the same time.

Fine and Thin Hair
When your hair re-grows after waxing, it will be much weaker thus making it softer, sparser, and thinner. Win-win!

Minima Irritation
Some unwanted body hair removal methods like depilatory creams and shaving cause irritation. However, Brazilian waxing rarely causes this problem, when done properly by a licensed and qualified expert.

Brazilian Wax Maintenance Tips

After you have removed all unwanted body hair, your skin will be sore and vulnerable to bacteria; hence you need some tips to guide you through the recovery process. Here are some post-waxing maintenance tips that will prove useful:

Stay out of the Sun

Your new hair-free region will be more susceptible to UV rays. These rays can cause irreversible sun damage or hyper-pigmentation to your skin.

Avoid Swimming

Keep off public water for some days to facilitate fast recovery. This is because going to public swimming pools will only increase your risk of getting an infection.

Gently exfoliate (After few days)

Exfoliation helps to eliminate oils and dead cells from the skin surface so that your hair grows back with less irritation. It is recommended that you start to exfoliate one or two days after the Brazilian waxing.

Avoid Hot Yoga and Sauna

You should take a break from your hot sauna or yoga to recover fully from waxing.

Use Fragrance-free, Gentle Products

Try to stick with the fragrance-free, gentle products for some days after your Brazilian waxing. Apply lotions to the affected area every day for soothing purposes.

Keep off from Strenuous Exercises

Avoid any strenuous physical activity and exercise 12 hours after waxing.

brzailian waxing for men

How do I Find Brazilian Waxing near me?

Are you ready for your first Brazilian waxing? If yes, then you might be searching for a reputable aesthetician who will make the treatment painless and deliver outstanding results. We have helped many people to achieve a hair-free body in Smyrna, Nashville, Murfreesboro and surrounding regions during our many years of operation.

We have been voted as the best aesthetician of the year because of our continued enthusiasm for offering topnotch services to our clients. If you want to get the best Brazilian waxing results, then schedule an appointment with us today.


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