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Best Skin Care Treatment for Acne Scars

Best Skin Care Treatment

Are you searching for the top acne scar treatments as recommended by dermatologists? Acne scars and dark marks affect the complexion of your skin. If you want to achieve flawless glowing skin, then you need to eliminate all the acne scars that are on your face & body. The good news is that several skin treatments have proven effective in removing acne scars completely.

Before we dive into various skin treatments that are used to get rid of acne scars, it is crucial for us to know the different types of acne scars that exist today.

Types of Acne Scars

There are four types of acne scars that can be easily identified in any skin as discussed below:
1. Box Car Scars– This is a type of scar that gives your skin a depressed appearance because of the loss of tissues. The extent of tissue loss will determine the severity of the acne scar.
2. Rolling Scars– This is a scar formed by the pulling of the epidermis beneath your skin.
3. Hypertrophic Scars– it is formed as a result of the overproduction of collagen, and this makes it appear like a mass.
4. Brown Marks– Most people will consider it as a type of scar, but it is not because it occurs as a result of the healing process.

Best Acne Scars Treatments You can try at Home

Before you begin any skin treatment at home, you need to be seen by a licensed dermatologist at first. They can assist you to choose the best methods of treating such acne scars and ensures that you do not have any underlying skin condition.

Acne Scars Treatments

* Alpha Hydroxyl Acid

Alpha hydroxyl acid helps to eliminate dead skin cells and also prevents skin pores from clogging. Also, it makes acne scars to be less noticeable. This acid helps to exfoliate the skin to remove the rough skin and discoloration. This acid is ideal for all kinds of acne scars. So, next time you go shopping for acne treatments products make sure that they contain Alpha hydroxyl acid.

* Lactic Acid

Researchers have found out that people who perform Lactic acid peel two times a month have improved skin texture, pigmentation, and reduced acne scars. There are several peels in the market that contain lactic acid which you can use alongside cider vinegar.

* Retinoid

This is another acne treatment that has acne-smoothing benefits and improves the appearance of your face. According to a recent study; retinoid can help to make the acne scars less noticeable.

If the skin treatment at home is not making any noticeable difference on your skin, then are some in-office procedures that you can give a try. Here are some medical treatments for acne scars as discussed below:

Chemical Peels

This is another method of eliminating acne scars where you use chemicals to exfoliate the deep layers of your skin. A chemical peel is an effective technique used to get rid of scars on any part of your body. It is applied to remove top layers of the skin where deep scars are lodged. The skin care treatment involving chemical peels require acidic solutions and need to be performed by a qualified professional.

Some chemical peels are mild and cannot be applied at home, but your dermatologist will advise you the best peel that will produce dramatic results. By eliminating the top layers of the skin that contains scars, pimples, blemishes, the new skin regenerates by producing new cells that are free from acne scars. The skin care after chemical peel involves the use of sunscreen glasses to shield your skin from the effect of Ultra-Violet radiation.

Skin Care after Chemical Peel

* TCA-Cross

Instead of using chemical peels on your face, a dermatologist can apply acids only to the scars alone in a procedure that is known as TCA cross. The acid is applied to the scars in small proportions which facilitate a reaction resulting in the formation of new collagen fibers and skin cells.

* Skin Needling

This is another medical procedure of removing acne scars where fine needles are inserted into your skin to create a small wound, and the small wound will trigger the process of repairing the skin by producing new collagen and skin cells. It is ideal for depressed scars.

This article has provided all the information that you need to know about the best skin care treatments for acne scars that readers wanted to know.


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  1. Thanks for posting an amazing blog about skincare treatment for acne scars. Getting frustrated from the pimples and acne on the face. Even a simple finger touch is hurting you. I read your complete blog and you explained all products and treatment very well. It is a really helpful blog for people who are suffering from acne. Recently, one of my friends was also suffering from this problem. He took treatment as suggested at your blog, now he is totally fine.

    Once again thanks for the wonderful information. Keep posting such types of blogs.

  2. Fantastic read on skin care treatment for acne scars! The comprehensive guide and actionable tips provide a clear roadmap for those looking to address acne scars. I appreciate the emphasis on personalized routines and professional treatments. Here’s to achieving radiant, scar-free skin! ✨🌸

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