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Why Cleanser Is Important In Your Home Care Regimen

Benefits of Facial Cleansers

Why Add Cleansers in your Home Care Regimen?

Many people do not clean their face thoroughly. Some of them only splash water on their face and think that they have washed their face. They do not know that they are doing their skin a disservice, but are also damaging their skin.

Consumers mostly learn their skin care tips from magazines, television, and social media or at beauty parties. Such people need to be educated on about why every step of home care routine is essential.

Cleansing is a very crucial activity in your home care regimen. Proper face cleansing at home improves the tone of your skin. If you skip this step in your skin cleansing routine, then it will cause accumulation of dirt in your skin pores that will be hard to remove in the future. A good cleanser is one of the best skin care regimen every woman should buy.

Most people over-moisturize and under-cleanse, leading to the pilling of ingredients in their skin. Unlike soaps, cleansers are formulated to be used on your face. They help to eliminate dead skin, dirt, oil and other things that can block the pores of your skin.

Proper skin care consists of facial cleanser regimen that hydrates, corrects and cleanses your skin from external and internal elements.

Face Cleansing at Home

Importance of Face Cleansing at Home. Step-by-Step Procedure:

  • Cleanse your skin twice a day; you can do it early in the morning and at night.
  • Use a small amount of cleanser and smooth into your skin.
  • Cover your entire décolleté, neck and face.
  • Use a white cotton cloth, gaze or warm water to remove the cleanser.
  • Starting with your eyes, remove the cleanser from your face with minimal pressure.
  • Rinse your cloth and wipe your skin again to ensure that no makeup or dirt appears.

Benefits of Facial Cleansers in Your Home Care Regimen

There is more to face cleansing at home than splashing some water on your face. An excellent benefit facial cleanser will remove make-up, dead skin, dirt, oil and other pollutants that may block your skin pores. They remove sebum and dirt, without interfering natural moisture barrier of the skin. They are gentler than soaps.

There are so many facial cleansers on the market making it hard for consumers to pick the right one. Here is a guide on various cleansers that are ideal for different types of skins as discussed below:

  • Best Facial Cleansers for Normal Skin

You can apply a liquid cleanser that can be washed off with water quickly. It will leave your skin feeling moist and smooth.

  • Best Cleanser for Dry Skin

If your skin requires extra moisture, then you can apply a cleanser that contains Hyaluronic acid in their formulation. Avoid using soaps during this period and supplement it with a good moisturizer.

  • Best Cleanser for Oily Skin

A deep-pore cleanser works best for this type of skin as it helps to reduce the production of excess oil in your skin. It helps to reduce acne in your skin.

Best Cleanser for Skin

Why Use a Cleanser Instead of Soap

Soap has a PH of between 9 and ten which is too harsh for consumers. It eliminates all the natural oils from the skin leaving it too much alkaline.

This can lead to a lot of skin problem including inflammation and dryness. This may prompt the sebaceous gland to produce more oil to compensate for the dry skin, and the excess oils can block your skin pores.

When your skin is flaky and dry, then it can start to develop premature wrinkles and fine lines. A cleanser has a lower PH than the soap and is gentler on your skin.

Last but not the least.

Great skin takes dedication, effort, and knowledge. Your skin represents your total balance in life, especially your PH balance. Choosing the right cleanser is crucial to the health of your skin.

Facial cleansers can assist with various facial problems from dead cells to removing dirt, therefore facilitating production of skin cells. It helps your face to regain a more healthy and youthful appearance.

Avoid using soaps on your face because they have a high PH than cleansers. Cleansers will help you to achieve youthful and beautiful skin. For more information, check our Skin Care Pricing page. All Skin Care treatments starts at just $60, and they typically take about 30 minutes.


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