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Waxing Aftercare Advice: Do’s and Don’ts of Post-Waxing Care

waxing aftercare advice

Once you have booked your Brazilian waxing session, you may think that’s the end; however, there is one crucial thing you need to do; apply some post-waxing extreme care. You must follow simple do’s and don’ts after waxing to get perfect results.

While Brazilian waxing is nothing to dread about, it leaves your skin in a sensitive condition for at least one or two days. During this period, you need to utilize some care tricks for preserving your waxing results and soothing your skin. There are certain things you should avoid to reduce the risk of potential issues like rashes, itches, bacterial infections, ingrown hairs, and redness.

Without further ado, here is the best waxing aftercare advice you desperately need to know.

Learn How to Prepare for Your First Brazilian Wax:

The Do’s and Don’ts of After Waxing Care

While most people know how to prepare for a waxing appointment, little is discussed on how to reduce any lingering pain or preserve your waxed bikini line results. We interviewed experts for the best waxing aftercare tricks, and what to do or not do the first 48 hours following your appointment.

Apply a Post-Depilatory Lotion

Post depilatory lotions help to remove the waxy residue, soothe your skin and avoid red bumps and ingrown hairs. Always remember that your skin needs to return to its initial state, that is why you need to use a depilatory cream to restore its optimal PH balance.

Apply Cold Compresses

Cold compresses are ideal for minimizing the appearances of red bumps, inflammation, or irritation and calming the red skin. You can also use an ice cube to massage the waxed area directly.

Use Cool Gels

Tree oils or aloe Vera-based cool gels can also be applied to the freshly waxed region. They will help to protect and refresh the waxed area.

Wear Loose Clothes

Immediately after your waxing, keep your clothing as loose as possible. If you just had Brazilian wax, wear a comfortable pair of underwear. This is to avoid friction and sweat, which might increase the risk of irritation or infections.

Moisturize and Exfoliate at the Right Time

Three days after waxing is the perfect time to exfoliate. By this time, your skin will have recovered, and pores closed. You can also start to motorize your skin two days after your appointment to prevent clogging the pores or exposing the skin to fragrances or chemicals.

Things to avoid after bikini wax

Waxing Don’ts

Avoid Sex for Few Days

Not doing any sex at all because you have waxed may sound extreme, but it’s a preventative measure. Friction and sweat may cause more harm than good to your already sensitive skin, so why take the risk? Consider converting the first 48 hours as the official cuddling time. Sorry, no sex during this period.

Avoid Hot Baths and Tubs

It is OK to take a cool shower after your wax appointment; however, we would recommend that you wait for 6 hours to allow your skin to recover. Avoid hot baths or tubs after your Brazilian wax. This is because hair follicles remain open after waxing, so it is advisable to avoid moisture for at least one day. If you must bathe after you wax, then take a cold shower and not a hot baths or tubs.

Skip the Gym

After waxing, you should avoid the gym for a few days. Intense workouts should be avoided after waxing because excessive sweating can cause infection and irritate your post-waxing skin. Friction from such activities can also lead to unwanted irritations. Sweating can again mess your PH balance, especially for ladies.

Don’t Head Straight to the Swimming Pool or Beach

Wait at least two days to swim in the pool or at the beach after Brazilian waxing session. Saltwater can make your skin even more sensitive and can cause bumps on your waxed skin. The chlorine in your pool water can be harsh on your already sensitive skin, besides the fact that such pools may contain bacteria that can cause an infection.

When Not To Exfoliate

Exfoliating your skin at least three times a week is mandatory because it helps avoid red bumps and ingrown hairs resulting from regrowth. However, you should wait for at least 24 hours to start exfoliating after waxing. This is because exfoliating your freshly waxed skin will cause inflammation and friction over an existing irritation, so give your skin time to heal and normalize before you start exfoliating.

What Not To Wear After Waxing

Wearing tight clothes after Brazilian waxing is a big NO. Your skin requires some breathing space after your hair has been pulled out, so tight jeans or underwear must be avoided. Choose loose clothes to avoid irritation or skin redness.

Watch What You Put

After waxing, your skin is extra sensitive, so you need to make sure that its products are safe. Avoid all colored or artificially scented products, from sprays to soaps, to ensure that your skin is free from irritations. Try to use non-scented natural milk soap after your Brazilian waxing. If you feel any burning sensation from any products you are currently using after waxing, stop until your skin is healed up.

Schedule a Brazilian Wax Aftercare Consultation Now

Waxing can be a better way of eliminating unwanted hair than shaving. If you want to make most of your Brazilian waxing, always remember these aftercare tips to ensure your skin is bump-free and smooth. If you are looking for a licensed esthetician for your next Brazilian waxing in Murfreesboro TN, kindly book an appointment online with us today.


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