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Everything About Plasma Fibroblast: Skin Tightening Treatment

Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening

Plasma fibroblast procedures have become popular as one of the most effective non-surgical, non-invasive aesthetic treatment for skin tightening. It is a revolutionary cosmetic therapy, since it provides an alternative to more invasive procedures like injections, laser, or other surgical treatments to improve and tighten skin appearance. This procedure is fairly new to the cosmetic and facial treatment scene but getting highly in demand.

Keep reading to learn how Plasma Fibroblast treatment works, how long to wait before you see results and how much money you need to have the therapy conducted.

What is Plasma Fibroblast?

It’s an innovative cosmetic treatment that utilizes the fourth state of matter-plasma (the first three are liquids + solids + gases). Fibroblasts are protein and collagen producing cells situated in the layer just below your outer skin (also known as the dermis).

This treatment utilizes pen-like equipment to discharge plasma spark to the small areas of your skin. The plasma’s tip does not touch the skin directly, but produces a targeted spark above the skin.

Plasma Fibroblast skin tightening is a revolutionary and innovative anti-aging aesthetic treatment that provides an alternative to fillers, surgery, and other expensive and invasive anti-aging cosmetic procedures. It is an effective and safe skin tightening procedure that provides similar results to conventional surgery without the high cost, downtime and risks.

The procedure utilizes the sublimation process, converting a solid into gas to lighten the skin tissue. Targeted tissues typically sublimate without causing any harm to the deeper skin layers or surrounding areas. The effects of the treatment can be noted straightaway. Patients can resume their normal activities with minimal discomfort. Numbing, anesthesia creams are utilized to reduce the discomfort during fibroblast treatment.

When the skin tightening treatment is performed in a controlled, safe environment, it can: improve your skin texture, provide skin tightening effects and rejuvenate the skin. The procedure is ideal for acne scars, wrinkled skin, or photo aging, including age spots.

plasma fibroblast stomach procedure

Plasma Fibroblast Treatment for the Stomach

Fibroblast procedure is widely known for tightening loose stomach skin after stretch marks and pregnancy or arm skin tightening. Plasma fibroblast stomach skin tightening has increased in popularity due to the many benefits over conventional surgery. There is less or no downtime, it’s super affordable, no cutting of your skin, and no stitches. This implies that you can return to work sooner. The pen-like device works by using the spark between the skin and its tip to create a plasma charge. A small amount of spark is produced and shrinks the targeted stomach skin instantly. This micro-trauma produces new collagen.

The stomach tissue tightening and retraction produces results that are almost similar to invasive cosmetic surgery. A collection of tiny brown spots is put to attain the desired results for loose stomach skin. The skin around brown spots tightens, pulling your cells together. Plasma fibroblast treatment for the stomach is the only non-invasive procedure to reduce loose skin successfully and instantly. If you want to know whether this procedure works, check the plasma fibroblast before and after photos on our website, here.

How Much Does Plasma Fibroblast Treatment Cost?

When comparing fibroblast procedure to traditional cosmetic surgery. Fibroblast therapy is more affordable than traditional cosmetic surgery. However, the cost of fibroblast treatment will depend on which areas of your skin are being targeted. For example, here is our cost of treating various parts of your body:

  • Shoulders – $30
  • Chest – $31
  • Back – $55
  • Stomach – $30
  • Halfback – $45

If you are interested in the plasma fibroblast treatment, you should consult your esthetician to know how many treatments you need to attain desired results and if the fees include the cost of numbing creams, among several other things.

Skin Tightening Safe Treatment

Is this Treatment Safe and Does it hurt?

Local anesthetic cream is applied for 20 minutes to reduce any discomfort, and the treatment is then nearly painless. The procedure may feel hot in places, and there may be a burning sensation or a tingling. However, just like any other trauma to the skin, there is also a possibility of scars. But overall this skin tightening treatment is 100% safe and effective.

How long does the Skin Tightening Treatment Last?

The effects of the plasma fibroblast procedure are permanent and may last for years, but your body will continue to age with time.

Get Immediately Visible Skin Tightening Without Costly Surgery in Murfreesboro Today

Plasma fibroblast therapy is an extremely safe procedure, safe procedure, ideal for all skin tones and ages, a recommended procedure for anyone who wants to achieve a smooth, youth–looking complexion with incredibly natural results!

If you are interested in plasma fibroblast skin tightening in Murfreesboro and surrounding areas, book an appointment online or call us at 615-653-0281 to know what to expect and whether the treatment is ideal for your skin or not.

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  1. I had fibroblast 9 days ago. I still have a lot of scabs, but the skin around them is not red. The nasolabials have lost all scabs but is very pink & puffy. Will they scar?

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