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How to Prevent Ingrown Hair After A Brazilian Wax

Prevent Ingrown Hair after Brazilian Wax

Are you struggling with painful and stubborn ingrown hairs that occur every time you get a Brazilian wax?

If so, this post will provide dermatologist-approved tips to stop or preventing ingrown hairs after a Brazilian wax even before you know it.

An ingrown hair happens when strands of hair curl back into the skin or grows in the wrong direction after a Brazilian waxing. Ingrown hairs mostly occur in regions where the hair is thick such as on men, the underarms, or mainly where the hair is both curly and thick, such as the bikini line in women.

Here, we will provide helpful tips on how to prevent those annoying ingrown hairs after getting a Brazilian wax.

6 Ways to Prevent Ingrown Hairs after a Brazilian Waxing

Do you want to eliminate ingrown hairs for good after a Brazilian waxing?
If yes, here are the six tips for preventing ingrown hairs after a Brazilian wax that you need to know.

Exfoliate before and after Brazillian Waxing

1. Try to exfoliate before and after a Brazilian waxing

Your bikini area is prone to getting those annoying ingrown hairs after a Brazilian waxing. Exfoliating your skin lightly before your next Brazilian wax appointment will aid in removing dead cells on your skin’s surface and allows hair to grow in the right direction.

Continue to exfoliate gently as long as the waxed area is not irritated or inflamed. This exfoliation aids your hair to grow in the correct direction (opposite of your skin direction) once it begins to come back. Every time you exfoliate, you are eliminating the dead skin cells and reducing pore blockage.

2. Steer clear of tight clothes after waxing

If you have received Brazilian waxing recently, then you should wear loose-fitting clothes that will give your skin enough space to ‘breathe’ rather than be constricted. Tight clothes can irritate your waxed area and it can encourage hair to grow back in your skin surface. You need to choose one of your most comfortable yoga sweats or pants to prevent skin irritation.

3. Make sure you clean your skin properly before waxing

Preparation is everything. A great way to prepare is to ensure that you cleanse your skin with soap and warm water. You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush or washcloth to clear away any dead skin cells and dirt that can block your pores and thus make it difficult for hair follicles to pull out. Proper preparation is just as crucial as Brazilian waxing after-care in preventing ingrown hairs

4. Use moisturizers after you wax to prevent ingrown hairs

Does moisturizing stop ingrown hairs? Yes, moisturizing helps to keep your skin less susceptible to irritation and dryness and can stop the accumulation of dead skin cells which clog the pores which lead to ingrown hairs. Dry skin will make your hair break at the surface, thus hindering it from being removed from its follicle.

Apply a non-greasy moisturizer to calm irritation and heal the dry skin. A good moisturizer will help to soften the hair follicle, thus making it easy to pull it afterward using a pair of tweezers. You can also use a moisturizing cream that will stop the growth of ingrown hairs. Dermatologists recommend that you use a moisturizer that contains Alpha Hydroxyl acids because they can eliminate dead skin cells, which cause ingrown hairs.

how to prevent ingrown hair after waxing

5. Stop ingrown hairs before they appear

They say prevention is better than cure, and that still holds for ingrown hairs. In fact, stopping ingrown hairs before they begin is much easier than handling the redness and bumps that come after Brazilian waxing. Therefore, you need to find a good serum to use after waxing. The serum will also brighten dark blemishes and spots that are left by the previous ingrown hairs.

6. Last but not least, do not pluck your hair

If you already have ingrown hairs, make sure that you don’t pluck them! This is because when you pluck your hairs or wax, you increase the risk of irritating your hair follicle or providing an environment for dead skin cells to thrive, leading to more ingrown hairs.

Plucking your ingrown hair can also cause an infection or scarring. The good news is that these ingrown hairs can go away on their own if you exfoliate and moisturize the surrounding areas properly.

Final Thoughts
Ingrown hairs can be frustrating, unattractive, and painful. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to prevent or stop them even before they begin. This may include exfoliating before and after waxing, cleansing your skin before waxing, moisturizing the waxed area adequately, and wearing loose yoga sweats or pants. Finally, you need to find a seasoned esthetician who will not break your hair after your Brazilian wax appointment.


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