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Skin Care Before and After Brazilian Wax: Take Good Care

brazilian wax before and after

Waxing, threading, bleaching, shaving— there are so many things we do to stay beautiful! The Brazilian wax is among the most sought-after beauty techniques today, particularly during beach and pool season. But that does not erase the fact that any waxing hurts.

If you plan to get a Brazilian wax soon, there are some steps you can take to properly care for your skin. Scheduling a Brazilian wax appointment is only half the journey to achieving smooth, flawless skin. How do you ensure that your wax lasts for long?

Fortunately, this post has outlined some steps that you can take before and after bikini waxing to reduce the pain and make the process smoother and hassle-free. According to BBC news, many women nowadays are doing everything they can to achieve maximum smoothness. We hope to provide proven Brazilian wax tips that will show you how to make great results with minimal effort.

Dermatologist-approved tips of Brazilian Wax for First Timers

Before You Have a Brazilian Wax

Preparation is everything. First, you need to find a professional cosmetologist or esthetician who you feel confident will do a good job. Apart from that, you need to make sure that they are licensed to perform bikini waxing in your state. Hire a beauty professional who has excellent skills, experience, and specializes in waxing. Here are some Brazilian wax tips you can use to prepare for perfect waxing results:

Exfoliate Your Skin Before Waxing

Exfoliate Your Skin a Few Days Before

Use a gentle exfoliating scrub to remove the worn out skin cells to make your waxing less troublesome and more effective. You can also apply a chemical exfoliant to achieve the same objective. Make sure you do this one night,if not a few days, before your waxing, particularly if you have sensitive skin.This will help you avoid irritation.

Make sure that your Hair is a quarter inch long and don’t shave

Wax will not stick well to extremely short hairs; therefore, you need to allow your hair to grow before you wax it. Don’t fret if your hair is exceptionally lengthy. Your esthetician can trim it before the waxing process.

Take Pain Relievers if you are worried about the pain

If you are doing the Brazilian wax for the first time and you know you have a low tolerance for pain, consider buying over-the-counter pain relievers to reduce the pain.

Don’t Wax near or during your Menstrual Period

Your skin usually is more sensitive during the time you have your period than in any other time of the month, so doing Brazilian waxing during this time will only increase the pain. Wait for two weeks after your periods, to have your waxing done, and you will have a pleasant experience.

Take a warm Shower during your waxing D-day

Taking a warm shower will open your skin pores, thus ensuring that it’s easier to remove the hairs. It’s also crucial that you go into your waxing appointment with clean skin to prevent infections. You should also make sure that your skin is dehydrated when you go for a waxing session.

Things to Avoid after Waxing

Post Aftercare for Brazilian Wax Clients: Things to Avoid after Waxing

Wear Loose Clothing to Allow Your Skin to Breathe Comfortably

Your waxed region will be vulnerable to irritation after your initial appointment, so aim to wear clothes that do not cling so close to your body. This includes loose-fitting dresses or shorts, and breathable cotton pants. Avoid tight and sweat clothing because they can trap bacteria which can later irritate your skin.

Apply After-wax lotions to soothe your skin

Your esthetician will give you suggestions for what types of creams to use based on your skin type; seek recommendations before you go online to find other options. Apply the lotions gently to the affected region, using clean hands.

Avoid Intensive Workouts that cause Friction

Getting a Brazilian wax is a fantastic thing, but bad aftercare procedures can ruin the entire experience. For one thing, you should avoid sexual intimacy with your partner after your appointment. Getting involved in such intense activities irritates the skin and can even lead to an infection. You should avoid sex at least 48 hours after the procedure to achieve the best results.

Stay Out of Heat

Not only is fresh wax vulnerable to burning, but excessive sweating can cause an infection. That said, avoid also exposing your skin to extreme ultraviolet light as that can irritate your skin.

Keep Hands Away

You should not keep touching your newly waxed region with your hands as this can transfer bacteria and cause irritation. Avoid tweezing the Ingrown hairs between the waxing sessions.

Keep it up

If you want to make your next Brazilian waxing pain-free, then you need to keep doing it often as possible. You will find it more comfortable as you move on and achieve perfect results.

Brazilian Wax Tips Skin Care

Expert-Approved Brazilian Wax Tips that makes the Process Enjoyable and Less Painful

Here are some tips that will make your waxing process to be more enjoyable:

  • Use minimal pressure when exfoliating.
  • Avoid tanning one day before your appointment.
  • Plan your waxing when you are ovulating; this is the time when you will not experience more pain as compared to when you have periods.
  • Come with a pair of breathable cotton underwear to wear after your waxing session is over.
  • If your skin is sensitive, consult your esthetician on how to prepare and take good care of your Brazilian wax.

How to take Care of Your Skin Before and After Brazilian Wax

If you are planning to schedule a Brazilian wax appointment soon, then this post has armed you with all the steps you need to take after or before the waxing to achieve the best results. Stepping into a spa for the very first time can be daunting, but after reading this post, hopefully your nervousness will fade.

Hiring a professional esthetician to perform Brazilian waxing will achieve better outcomes compared to doing it on your own at home. They have the experience and tools needed to attain a smooth hair-free skin that you have always desired. Schedule your appointment today.

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  1. Great article. Thanks for sharing this before and after Brazilian wax tips. Its good that you mentioned here that we should also be mindful of our period because it can affect the process and can add more pain than usual waxing.

  2. Skin health management when Brazilian wax is an unquestionable necessity! It upgrades the outcomes, keeping skin smooth and brilliant. Incredible counsel!

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