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Spray Tanning Benefits: A Safe Sunless Tan with Added Skin Benefits

Professional Spray Tan Appointment

Are you searching for a glowing, sun-kissed look without exposing yourself to dangerous UV rays? If so, there is one perfect solution for you known as Spray tanning. A professional spray tan appointment can help to refresh your skin with a bronze look that speaks of tropical summer rays and poolside sangria. This technique has become one of the great ways to attain tanned skin, besides, it has many advantages too!! Spray tanning is an effective and safe way to attain a sun-kissed glow without harming your skin.

Are you wondering what will happen during your first spray tan appointment? It is no secret that professional spray tan is one of the most sought-after services in our office. At Skin PH, we strive to give you a hassle-free and magical experience. We all acknowledge that a spray tan looks great, but this post will provide the benefits of scheduling a professional spray tan appointment that you may have not discovered before.

What Happens During a Spray Tan Appointment?

Scheduling your first spray tan appointment is among the best ways to appear your best without heading over to the beach during summer. The key to achieving great spray tan lies in selecting the right tanning provider in Murfreesboro or Middle TN i.e. one that utilizes the right equipment and has hired experienced professionals to make sure that your tanning experience goes on without even a single hitch. Here are some of the things you can expect to occur after, during, and before your initial spray tan appointment.

When you first step into our office, our skilled spray tan professionals will consult with you to know more about your preferred tan shade and address any problems you may have. Our experts will make sure that your tanning experience is customized to your preferences.

Next, you will be directed to our properly-ventilated tanning booth, while our expert tanning professional will spray a mist of tanning solution on your skin. This tanning formulation is carefully crafted to develop a natural-looking tan that complements your skin’s complexion.

During the procedure, our technicians will guide you through several poses to make sure that every inch of your body gets even, flawless skin. And hooray!! You will leave our esthetician office feeling great, ready to display your stunning tan to your friends and family!!

Expertise and Experience: The Advantage of Professional Spray Tanning

You don’t have to immerse yourself in the harmful UV rays to achieve the much-desired bronze look. You can avoid the part, save your skin and display your great tan with spray tanning. Along with time-saving advantages, here are the reasons why paying a visit to professional spray tan artists is worth it!

  • No UV Exposure

One of the primary benefits of scheduling an appointment with professional spray tan artists is helping you get back that sun-kissed, picturesque look without endangering your health. It offers you a dark skin shade without exposing it to direct sun rays, thus reducing the risk of premature aging, skin cancer, and photo damage. You can vouch for this lifesaver technique.

  • Streak-free and natural glow

Working with an experienced spray tanning artist can assist you obtain a 100% natural, bronze, and even-toned look. The artists can customize the solution and offer a great glow regardless of the tone of your skin.

  • Boost your confidence and uplift your spirits

Both women and men agree to the fact that a spray tan increases their confidence levels and makes them feel more attractive. Anything that enhances self-image is worth it, since self-confidence can change your life for the better, and the way others perceive and treat you.

  • Custom Color

When you apply a DIY tanning solution, you may never know the exact shade that will come out of it- it depends on the brand, amount, type of application, and setting time. There are too many things to consider. However, scheduling an appointment with professional spray tan artists will assist you select a perfect shade! Whether you want a bold bronze or a gentle glow, you have to make the choice. If you are stranded, you can ask a professional tanning expert for assistance.

Spray tanning in Murfreesboro TN

Long-lasting Results: How Professional Spray Tanning Work

When you visit a spray tanning booth, you may find that the overall experiences and processes are different than if you just use at-home products and utilize your spray tanning equipment. There are some obvious differences that can impact which option you love too. The results of your spray tanning may last anywhere up to 10 days –depending on how well you take care of it.

Firstly, if you schedule an appointment with a professional spray tanning artist, the process is super-fast and involves a few sprays of the solution over your whole body, which is quite different from utilizing a handheld spray gun and going over every area precisely and slowly. Because of the way professional spray tan artists work, you can be sure your tan will be ready within a short period than if you would do it yourself at home.

Avoiding Common Mistakes: Professional Tips for a Perfect Spray Tan

While our professional spray tan artists will tell you how to prepare for a spray tanning appointment for longer, lasting results, here are some don’ts to keep in mind:

  • Do not swim or exercise for a minimum of 12 hours after your spray tanning appointment.
  • Don’t utilize a deodorant of any kind for a day at least as it can cause patches where the tan comes off.
  • Don’t use products that are oil-based. The oils will hinder the tanning solution and may even minimize the time it gets absorbed by your skin and help you achieve an even tone.
  • Don’t apply baby powder over your skin as it can produce uneven streaks on your tan.

Avoiding DIY Disasters: Why Investing in a Professional Spray Tan Appointment is Worth It

When sunbathing both outdoors and indoors can have adverse effects on your skin, spray tanning doesn’t. Spray tanning is an affordable and effective way to achieve a healthy glow without increasing your likelihood of developing skin cancer, sunburns, wrinkles, or age spots.

In fact, most people have utilized at-home tanning solutions that have given them orange, streaky tans that don’t appear attractive or natural. The good news is that you don’t need to worry about any of these problems when you get a tanning solution. Are you planning to get a professional spray tan in Murfreesboro? If so, leaving it to our professional spray tan artists is the way to go!

With our professional spray tanning services, you can achieve glowing, gorgeous skin all year round. You don’t have to expose your skin to harmful UV rays to attain glowing, tanned skin. At Skin pH, we provide spray tan treatments that can give you the advantages of a tanned look without any risk associated with excess exposure to the sun.

Are you interested in professional spray tan services? If so, book a professional spray tan appointment with us, and experience the difference today.


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