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Professional Waxing Session: Tips and Tricks for Best Experience

Professional Waxing Session Best Experience

The pursuit of supple, smooth skin can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where people utilized a resin, beeswax, and fabric scraps to get rid of unwanted hair. Since then, hair removal products and procedures have been evolving and changing. Even though waxing is one of the frequently asked procedures in an esthetician clinic. It is a delicate method that takes skill, knowledge, and extra skin care strategies.

Although DIY waxing is indeed easier on your wallet than going to a professional waxer, sometimes at-home waxing can be more expensive than expected. Doing this procedure alone is dangerous, it can cause burns or rashes that may require urgent medical attention or expensive creams. When you get professionally waxed, you can expect supple, smooth skin as opposed to DIY waxing and particularly shaving. Professional waxing provides long-lasting results. It is easier for a professional esthetician to do a great job than it is for you because he or she has a good view of the areas where the hair is being removed.

Without further ado, let’s share our tricks and tips to guarantee you the best experience next time you visit your esthetician’s office.

Pre-Waxing Preparation

Going for a waxing appointment can be daunting especially if you don’t know how to prepare. Before your esthetician calls you for a waxing appointment, ensure that you prepare your skin so the procedure goes seamlessly and without any irritation.

Waxing eliminates hair by its root (otherwise known as follicle). This implies preparing your skin before waxing to avoid irritated skin and bumps. In my many years of experience, a less-than-stellar waxing outcome is normally due to bad skin preparation. Besides, good pre-waxing preparation guarantees that you can enjoy a vacation ready for several weeks ahead.

For the best waxing results, we recommend the following preparation tips before the appointment:

  • Make sure your hair is of optimal length: Before your waxing appointment, ensure your hair is about one-fourth or three–quarters of an inch long. If it’s longer, then you need to trim it with safety scissors to guarantee a less painful and messy waxing experience.
  • Exfoliate your skin: A Day or two before your waxing appointment, gently exfoliate the skin with a mild scrub, loofah, or brush to get rid of the dead skin cells surrounding your hair follicles. This will help to loosen ingrown hairs and enhance your waxing results.
  • Cleanse: Before going in for a waxing appointment, gently cleanse the area you want to eliminate dead skin cells, skin care products, and dirt. Afterward, dry the skin properly. Dry, clean skin helps the wax to stick properly.
  • Take some painkillers like ibuprofen before your waxing session if possible-this will assist in reducing the pain and inflammation. Taking such painkillers an hour before the appointment may help.
  • Chill out! Arrive at your waxing session relaxed as you can. Anticipation is normally worse even than the actual waxing event. Don’t listen to people who tell horror stories about waxing.

hair removal cream vs waxing

Post-waxing Aftercare

Once you have pulled through the toughest part, it’s all about taking good caution and care for the next two days. Here are a few things we recommend that you avoid while your newly waxed skin is at its most sensitive moments. Afterward, you should be sailing smoothly for the next four or three weeks, when hair generally starts to grow back after waxing.

1. Stay away from the sun

The first two days after waxing, your already sensitive skin down there is more vulnerable. So while you may be wanting to throw your bikini down the line once you leave your esthetician’s office, remember that sensitive skin is more prone to UV rays, which can cause hyperpigmentation or sun damage.

2. Calm your skin

Apply aloe vera gel to the skin for a soothing, cool effect. This will help to rehydrate your skin and minimize the appearance of waxing bumps.

3. Avoid swimming, sauna, or hot yoga

We highly recommend that you avoid certain places like yoga, swimming or hot sauna for at least 2 days after your waxing appointment. Excessive sweat before your hair follicles have properly closed can cause irritation to your skin. Likewise, avoid UV exposure and sunbeds, as high temperatures can clog your follicles and cause bumps and redness.

4. Gentle exfoliation

72 hours after your waxing appointment, it is a great idea that you gently exfoliate your skin to avoid ingrown hairs and eliminate dead skin cells. Use a body scrub in a circular motion to prevent hair from being hidden under your skin as the follicles close.

5. Wear loose-fitting clothing

Wearing loose clothes is particularly crucial for people receiving Brazilian or bikini waxes, as these regions are prone to breakouts, bacteria, and irritation produced from friction.

How to Minimize Pain and Discomfort During Waxing

If you want to have a painless waxing experience, we recommend that you try out the following tricks and tips:

● Test your wax temperature: Use a small patch on your outer wrist to help you know if the heated wax is too hot before you continue. Yes, it should be hot, but also tolerable.
● Apply the wax using the following grain of your hair: Always smooth out the wax onto your skin in the direction of your hair growth. Use your strip in the same direction. Pull your skin in the opposite direction: When the time comes to pull, hold your skin tight with one hand by pulling it in the direction of your hair growth.
● Reduce the pain when pulling: To reduce the sting, exhale and take a deep breath while pulling fast. After that, put your hand on the waxed skin to soothe it.

FAQs: Common Waxing Myths Debunked

Is shaving better than waxing?

Like everything in life, this boils down to your personal preference. Shaving and waxing are entirely different hair removal techniques. If you love incredible results, then waxing is a good option. This is because waxing eliminates hair from its follicles, thus giving you more time to stay hair-free between the next sessions. Also, you can run away from the pesky razor burn.

Will my hair grow back thicker after the waxing appointment?

This is a common waxing misconception that people have. The truth is that your hair becomes thicker after waxing, but may become thinner over time. But if your wax regularly, your hair may eventually become thinner with time.

Why do I get pimples after my waxing appointment?

You may have inflamed, ingrown hair trapped in your follicle courtesy of those pimples, but they could also be a sign of irritation. You can avoid this by conducting a good pre-wax preparation and using soothing lotions after waxing.

Schedule a Professional Waxing Appointment Now

At Skin pH Murfreesboro, our ultimate goal is to make your waxing experience as comfortable, convenient, and safe as possible. Our experienced estheticians ensure your safety and conveniently remove your hair to obtain flawless smooth skin. With high-quality equipment and state-of-the-art facilities, we make sure that our clients have an outstanding waxing experience with us.

So, take the plunge, book a waxing appointment with us, and see the difference today. This is the real confidence booster you require!


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