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Silky Smooth Skin: 5 Reasons Why Waxing Succeed Over Shaving

Benefits of Waxing Over Shaving

For most people, undesirable hair growth is a grooming problem that normally boils down to yet a tough and tricky question, whether to shave or wax? When it comes to removing undesirable body hair, both waxing and shaving offer efficient, effective results.

To shave or to wax? Shaving removes the hair at the surface, to produce a smooth skin. On the flip side, waxing eliminates your hair’s root, destroying the hair follicle, which needs the hair to grow again from scratch.

So, which hair removal method is ideal for you? Keep reading to learn all the tricks, tips, cons and pros of both waxing and shaving to help you know what’s right for your needs and lifestyle.

5 Benefits of Waxing Over Shaving

Discover the secret to flawless skin and say goodbye to shaving woes – it’s time to embrace the magic of waxing! Unlock the top dermatologists’ insights and dive into five compelling reasons why waxing reigns supreme as the ultimate hair removal method for your beautiful skin.

  1. Waxing delivers smooth and long-lasting results

Shaving doesn’t remove the hair completely, it typically cuts off the shaft, which can be seen on the surface of your skin. That’s why it only takes a few days after shaving for hair to start re-growing. But if you wax, your skin will be as smooth as a baby’s face for almost three weeks.

Waxing is an effective form of body hair removal that offers long-lasting results. Because hair is eliminated directly from the root, waxing consistently leads to silky smooth skin every time it is done. In addition, waxing exfoliates naturally resulting in fine, smooth skin. It is even recommended for people with sensitive skin. Compared to shaving, which may lead to nicks and razor burns, waxing is quick and offers instant results.

  1. Reduced risk of cuts and razor burn

Shaving may cause bruises and cuts. In addition, when you cut your skin, you are at a higher risk of infection, particularly if you utilize a razor blade regularly. But when you obtain a great wax from a trained aesthetician using the right techniques, you can minimize post-inflammatory pigmentation and ingrown hair normally caused by lesions.

If you are normally prone to razor burn, you may want to think about waxing off your undesirable hair instead. This may assist to prevent constant skin irritation from razor cuts associated with shaving.

  1. Finer and Thinner hair regrowth

More than 90% of human hair is in the initial stages of the growth process. The science that explains why hair grows finer and thinner after a waxing session is that the hair is repeatedly damaged during this phase of growth therefore it has to generate entirely new hair.

After just one wax session you will realize that your hair grows back softer, finer and thinner. With every consecutive wax, you will continue to notice such progressive results. Unlike shaving, waxing alters the texture of your body hair over time. That’s because waxing destroys the hair follicles making your hair grow back thinner and finer than before.

  1. Exfoliating benefits & prevents hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a problem normally occasioned by the darkening of your skin, caused by the excess production of melanin. It is a common condition for many people, particularly those with dark skin tones, and can be attributed to various factors, including skin inflammation, hormonal changes, and sun exposure. Waxing not only exfoliate the skin but also prevents hyperpigmentation.

Waxing has the added advantage of helping in getting rid of dead skin cells. The elimination of dead skin cells will assist to soften your skin. Some people may notice their skin becoming darker after shaving, which is not the case with waxing. Waxing typically offers exfoliation on its own. That’s just another reason why your skin feels so soft and smooth afterward.

  1. Waxing is fast and convenient

Waxing delivers smooth skin by exfoliating the surface of dead skin cells. It is convenient and fast, offering a pain-free experience with minimal hair regrowth. For instance, our Brazilian wax here at Skin pH takes around 20 minutes. Ladies, you spend more time in your bathroom to shave your legs, right? So, shaving takes more time than waxing.

Waxing is also convenient because you can wax at a salon, or at home. We believe waxing at an aesthetician’s office is the best option.

In addition to its time-saving and convenience qualities, waxing can cause less irritation than other traditional hair removal techniques. Particularly when conducted by a trained professional who is utilizing wax best for their customer’s skin type, waxing can actually offer clients effective unwanted hair removal methods while giving your skin time to heal and breathe itself.

Benefits of Waxing Over Shaving

Other benefits of waxing include

  • It minimizes the risk of developing ingrown hairs
  • Waxing eliminates dead skin cells
  • Waxing is more affordable than shaving
  • Consistent waxing benefits your skin
  • It eliminates itchy stubble

The Takeaway

If you want to remove undesirable body hair, there are tons of options available at your disposal-including the two main options: Waxing and Shaving. Both have their pros and cons but overall are perfect options for different skin types.

Are you shocked to learn the incredible advantages of waxing? Nowadays, waxing isn’t reserved for women alone anymore. Men are also joining the waxing bandwagon.

So if anyone next time asks you about waxing vs. shaving, remind them that there are numerous advantages of waxing that most hair removal methods just can’t contend with.

From its ability to help you feel and look healthier to stop the growth of ingrown hairs, there are numerous reasons to give waxing a second thought. If you are in the market for a salon that provides superior waxing services in Murfreesboro TN, search no further than Skin pH Murfreesboro.

Our highly-trained and experienced estheticians will make sure that you leverage all the advantages that waxing has to offer. Contact us online to book an appointment today !!


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